A Knitting Weekend to Start a Blog

Hello World!

I have decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon.  How could I refuse when there was so much good company to be had?  And what better way to start a knitting blog then from a weekend of marathon needle clicking.

I stayed on Catalina this weekend, spending it at one of my happy places – Middle Ranch!  C and i have been meaning to have a knitting weekend for awhile, and circumstances finally lined up.

I love being able to spend time outside away from Avalon.  For someone who doesn’t live here, despite its small size it can start to feel a bit too much.  It is wonderful to walk where there is no pavement for awhile.

While my friend fed her horse…

I took photos of one of my sweaters for Ravelry.

I am working on finishing the sleeves for a Shalom Cardigan I started on a road trip this summer.  It has been hibernating since August, but with the colder weather coming I am finally motivated to finish it.  After the weekend I have only one sleeve left!

It was wonderful to see my two best knitting buddies on the island, and actually have the time to relax, drink tea, and chat away about all things yarn!



About A Traveler's Yarn

I am a twenty-something obsessive knitter and traveler, living on Catalina Island.
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