The most exciting knitting moment last week came when I finished the Shalom Cardigan that I started to work on while on a road trip this summer.

This cardigan gave me such a headache, or I should say I gave myself a headache, because I knit the first time without swatching and just guessing how to change the pattern for a worsted weight yarn instead of the bulky it called for.  Boy, did I learn my lesson!  I knit the whole yoke with a Malabrigo worsted, and started to knit down the body before realizing that unless I suddenly shrank a few feet and lost my chest, it would never fit.

Luckily my boyfriend is quite supportive tolerant of my knitting habit and we stopped at a yarn store in Port Townsend, Washington where I reloaded my needles with some Cascade Eco wool that a very friendly yarn shop owner recommended.  By the time I reknit the whole yoke, the trip was over and I was sick of the sweater so it hibernated until the weather started to turn cool.

I picked it back up to knit on the sleeves last weekend and was done with both of them in four days!

And of course, on cue, the weather became unseasonable warm.  I have yet to get any great photos of the sweater (I have learned that I am not a great sweater model…yet…)  but here are a few taken with my goofing off at the Huntington Botanical Gardens today.

(Yes, I wore my sweater even though it is too warm.  In fact, I think I have worn it every day since I finished it even though I have yet to block it or add buttons.  Note: bobby pins work great as button substitutes.)


About A Traveler's Yarn

I am a twenty-something obsessive knitter and traveler, living on Catalina Island.
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