Moving – My Week of Boxes

This has been a week of change and moving – in both my work and personal life.  I have been so overwhelmed by it all, I wasn’t sure where to start blogging.  After a restful weekend, I am finally able to begin mentally processing last weeks events.

The museum I work for is about to begin a renovation process that should last the next few months.  All of our exhibit space is being renovated which meant we had to take apart, box, and put into the storage the ENTIRE museum.  Which, as I have learned (though could have guessed without the hands on experience) is quite a task!  It was both mentally and physically exhausting, but there was an upside.  There were quite a few items from the store that were going into the trash and I was able to score the most amazing yarn stash organizer ever, as well as a pseudo dress form.

I love the way this book holder looks all dressed up with skeins of yarn!  As you can see on the dress form, my new Shalom Cardigan is still without buttons.  But how awesome does it look displayed like this!

Not only did we box up and move the museum last week, I moved to a new apartment as well!  In a period of 24 hours I packed my entire apartment and, thanks to some amazing friends (two of them are knitting buddies), we moved all of my boxes to the new place.  After living on the island for about five years, I finally have a view of the ocean!  I will post photos this week of my new amazing apartment.

Lastly, I received the most exciting box of the week in the mail.  A package full of yarn!  All the white yarn will hopefully be turned into a beautiful Aidez cardigan.

It is Rowan Purelife Blue Faced Leicester and is the most amazing yarn I have ever bought.  Period.  I can’t stop smelling it!  It smells just like sheep!  And you can feel the lanolin on your fingers.  Unfortunatly I have not yet located the box that contains the needles I need to start knitting with it.  But all other projects beware – once those 10.5 needles are found all my focus will be going into those fantastic cables, and lace and unmade socks will be pushed down the queue.

I did find a little time for knitting this week – mostly while on break at the museum.  Here is a photo of a the Whale Watch hat in the New England Knits book.  As you can tell, it is still in a very early stage.  I stopped by the yarn store last weekend to get some help with color work, and I am very excited to get started on this project.  I have this feeling I am going to love color work.  My goal in making it is to hopefully summon a whale on the ferry crossing, as I have yet to spot one in all the years I have been here.  Fingers crossed!


About A Traveler's Yarn

I am a twenty-something obsessive knitter and traveler, living on Catalina Island.
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One Response to Moving – My Week of Boxes

  1. Carole Butler says:

    Your are a knitting fool. Maybe I should try it again.

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