Back on the East Coast

I am back on the east coast.  Currently with no job, hanging with the family, and enjoying being back in the world of woods.

And knit knit knitting away.  On a fantastic pair of kilt hose.  The pattern takes a little bit of thought to figure out, but I am loving it just the same.  They will hopefully fit who they are intended for.  Otherwise I might have to alter his feet, because I am not reknitting these!

I purchased the yarn at Fibre Space in Alexandria.  What a fantastic yarn store!  They were so helpful and patient with me trying to find the perfect manly green to go with my friend’s kilt.  I settled on Berocco Vintage.  I don’t really like the yarn for this project.  It is a worsted weight knit on size 2 needles to make a really dense fabric (the pattern called for 0s but I couldn’t imagine knitting a pair of hose on those!)  The yarn is way too splitty for the braid cable, but I am making it work.

For Lent I am only knitting for other people.  Luckily kilt hose take awhile… but all I want to do is start my Little Birds Sweater!

(I am not counting seaming as knitting.  I will allow myself to finish my Aidez cardigan.)


About A Traveler's Yarn

I am a twenty-something obsessive knitter and traveler, living on Catalina Island.
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