Garrison Keillor at Wolf Trap

Last night I finally fulfilled a life long dream of seeing Garrison Keillor do Prairie Home Companion live.  Of course, it was actually just a Friday night rehersal for the Saturday show so I’m not sure if it truly counts.  But I am okay with the ambiguity as it means I have an excuse to see him again.

Guess what I brought with me…

Before the performance my parents and I shared a picnic dinner while sitting on the lawn.

We found our seats in the pavilion just in time, because about ten minutes after this photo was taken a crazy thunderstorm blew in!  Originally I had wanted to buy lawn tickets to see this show but I am glad my parents talked me out of it.  Otherwise we would have looked like this:

Not nearly as much fun.  As it was the weather was so bad the rain was blowing into the pavilion.

But then the show started and all was well.  One of my favorite parts from last night was the beginning when Garrison did a lap around the audience who had braved the downpour to stay and watch.

Where’s Garrison?

The show was brilliant.  The creativity of the sound effects guy just blows me away!  When we bought the tickets they hadn’t announced what band we would be seeing, so I didn’t know until that night we would be watching the Wailin’ Jennys.  They happen to be one of my favorite female bands, their harmonies are incredible.  The News From Lake Woebegone has always been my weekend sermon, and this one was spot on.

All in all a very special night indeed.


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2 Responses to Garrison Keillor at Wolf Trap

  1. skipsing says:

    Thanks so much, ATY!! You mention that, had you not sprung for the inside seats you might’ve looked “like this”. Well, thanks to you, we now have two great photos of our group (part of “this”) – one cowering under the upstairs overhang during the storm, and one watching elatedly as Garrison and Andra Suchy, right in front of us, deftly navigated the (always daunting) beachblankets and coolers arrayed across the lawn. An awesome nite – after hearing the next nite’s live show, I will always recommend the rehearsal night – these are where the serendipities happen. Thanks again!

    • I’m so glad you had a great time despite the weather. It was magical wasn’t it? And we had a much longer show than the regular broadcast! My favorite part – the sing-a-long intermission. I forgot to mention that in the post. Enjoy the photos!

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