Soon to Squam

I have spent all day today packing and preparing to attend Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire.  I am so excited (and a little nervous for what to expect)!  Last year I kept reading blog posts from people who attended the textile workshop and wishing I had been there.  Then on some crazy whim I found myself at the post office sending in a registration form.  All year I kept trying to talk myself out of attending, seeing as it is a chunk of money, but for some reason I ignored myself.  I have a feeling something amazing might happen there – magic – and I don’t want to miss it.

There are no pictures from today, which is perfect, because I am sure no one really wants to see how much yarn one can fit into a suitcase.  I usually travel with only a backpack, so this whole checked baggage suitcase thing is not something I am liking.  However – due to the classes I am taking I had to pack x-acto knives and paints, not exactly items they would allow through the gate.  At least they allow knitting needles on the plane (, check it if you don’t believe me).  What would all us crazy knitters do if we sat with empty hands for too long…

Hopefully when I come back next week I will have a story or two to share, and a whole lot of photos.  Until then – I’ll show you California (stay tuned).


About A Traveler's Yarn

I am a twenty-something obsessive knitter and traveler, living on Catalina Island.
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