Digging at the ‘cello

The weather has finally cleared up and it was back up to the house for excavation today.

From our unit we have two amazing views.  One is, of course, the house itself.  In the other direction we have the gardens and a beautiful vista of the mountains in their fall colors.  This picture was taken two weeks ago, so the colors are even prettier now.

Our unit is right next to the house.  There is nothing like two people shoveling a hole in Jefferson’s lawn to invite curiosity.  I have found I really enjoy answering people’s questions and explaining the archaeology to them.  Which is good – because this close to the house we get a lot of visitors!

These are two beautiful pieces of porcelain that popped out of our square today.  Notice the gilt overglaze on the lower sherd.  Now when people ask if we have found any gold I can finally say “yes!”

Isn’t it lucky to love your job?


About A Traveler's Yarn

I am a twenty-something obsessive knitter and traveler, living on Catalina Island.
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