California: Catalina

I went for a super quick visit to Catalina.  It was Charlie’s 30th birthday and we had an epic music session in Middle Ranch.  Then I spent a few hours in town to see Mary’s band play.  Then back to Middle Ranch to have an awesome knitting session with my best knitting buddy, Claudia.

Thank you Middle Ranch folks for all the lovely hospitality – and the even better food!  See you soon!

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California: Topanga Fiddle Festival

In no particular order:

Tyler’s winning performance!

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California: Surf Session

Kathryn’s Surf Adventures, Co-starring Danny

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California: UCLA

I spent most of my time in LA with my wonderful friend Kathryn, pretending that I am in PhD student along with her.  Though much of our time was spent studying (or knitting), we found time for play as well.  The majority of our adventures were musical ones including seeing at least three bands (all friends), practicing new folk tunes, and a night spent learning all about Indian music complete with a homemade Indian meal.

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Soon to Squam

I have spent all day today packing and preparing to attend Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire.  I am so excited (and a little nervous for what to expect)!  Last year I kept reading blog posts from people who attended the textile workshop and wishing I had been there.  Then on some crazy whim I found myself at the post office sending in a registration form.  All year I kept trying to talk myself out of attending, seeing as it is a chunk of money, but for some reason I ignored myself.  I have a feeling something amazing might happen there – magic – and I don’t want to miss it.

There are no pictures from today, which is perfect, because I am sure no one really wants to see how much yarn one can fit into a suitcase.  I usually travel with only a backpack, so this whole checked baggage suitcase thing is not something I am liking.  However – due to the classes I am taking I had to pack x-acto knives and paints, not exactly items they would allow through the gate.  At least they allow knitting needles on the plane (, check it if you don’t believe me).  What would all us crazy knitters do if we sat with empty hands for too long…

Hopefully when I come back next week I will have a story or two to share, and a whole lot of photos.  Until then – I’ll show you California (stay tuned).

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Garrison Keillor at Wolf Trap

Last night I finally fulfilled a life long dream of seeing Garrison Keillor do Prairie Home Companion live.  Of course, it was actually just a Friday night rehersal for the Saturday show so I’m not sure if it truly counts.  But I am okay with the ambiguity as it means I have an excuse to see him again.

Guess what I brought with me…

Before the performance my parents and I shared a picnic dinner while sitting on the lawn.

We found our seats in the pavilion just in time, because about ten minutes after this photo was taken a crazy thunderstorm blew in!  Originally I had wanted to buy lawn tickets to see this show but I am glad my parents talked me out of it.  Otherwise we would have looked like this:

Not nearly as much fun.  As it was the weather was so bad the rain was blowing into the pavilion.

But then the show started and all was well.  One of my favorite parts from last night was the beginning when Garrison did a lap around the audience who had braved the downpour to stay and watch.

Where’s Garrison?

The show was brilliant.  The creativity of the sound effects guy just blows me away!  When we bought the tickets they hadn’t announced what band we would be seeing, so I didn’t know until that night we would be watching the Wailin’ Jennys.  They happen to be one of my favorite female bands, their harmonies are incredible.  The News From Lake Woebegone has always been my weekend sermon, and this one was spot on.

All in all a very special night indeed.

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I just came home yesterday from a visit to California.  Too many adventures were had.  From banjo festivals to surfing, studying to knitting, birthday celebrating to Indian music listening.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get it together and post a few photos.  Until then – two wonderful knitting moments.

Knitting with Kathryn after a surf session (hers, not mine) in Venice.  Sunscreen and yarn are a difficult combination.

Knitting with Claudia while listening to a friend’s band.  Her back is to the camera, but I promise she was working on a new cable hat.

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Refund Equals Banjo

Watch as my tax return magically turns into a banjo!

I think it might be love.

Now I just need to learn how to play…  Stay tuned.

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Outer Banks

I went with my family to the Outer Banks for the Easter holidays.  There was beach time, reading time, garden time, and lots of knitting time.

My knitting view this week looked like:

When I wasn’t knitting I was snuggled up in my newly finished Aidez Cardigan, reading a book by a favorite author

My mother, brother, and I spent a morning at the Elizabethan Gardens.  Although much of the garden was bloomed out, the flowers left were beautiful.  They deserve a post of their own, but in the meantime here is a photo of me giving knuckles to a resident gnome.

I had a few wonderful knitting companions.  My beautiful grandmother:

She finished the stole while we were at the beach.  She had been knitting it off and on for three years.  Hurrah Grandma!

Then out of the blue my brother picked up the blanket my mother had just started knitting.  He asked how to make a stitch.  And he did it right the first try.  A natural knitter this one!

My sister walked into the room and saw my brother knitting.  Then she had to know how it was done!  Both of them took to knitting like fish to water.  This all happened Saturday, which was the day I had to finish my sweater in order to make my one week deadline.  I ended up spending so much time helping them that I did not finish my sweater, but it was absolutely worth it.

I did finish the knitting on my sweater.  It took me from Sunday to Sunday, 8 days.  The Sunday Sweater.  I love the colors, but I am not sure about the fit on my body type.  We shall see what weaving in the ends and a little blocking does to it.  No pictures of the almost finished project, so I leave you with a happy knitting photo:

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Knitting Marathon

I cast on a Quintet on Sunday and hope to have it finished in a week.  Lets see what today looked like:

My Knitting Station:

My Knitting View:

My Knitting Companions:

Back to knitting!

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